Mendel Conference
25th International Conference on Soft Computing, July 10-12 Brno, Czech Republic
International Conference on Soft Computing MENDEL

Soft Computing, Evolutionary Computation, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Bayesian Methods, Fuzzy Logic, Intelligent Image Processing, Bio-Inspired Robotics...


In 1865, Gregor Johann Mendel, a scientist, an Augustinian priest in a Brno monastery, described to the Brno Natural Science Society the transfer of determinants in pea plants. Sadly, the fundamental importance of Mendel's findings was not understood by the Society. His work was so brilliant and unprecedented at the time it appeared that it took thirty-four years for the rest of the scientific community to catch up to it. The short monograph, Experiments with Plant Hybrids, in which Gregor J. Mendel described how traits were inherited, has become one of the most enduring and influential publications in the history of science. Until 1900, no one recognized that Gregor J. Mendel had discovered the Law of Heredity.

Brno, the workplace of the "Father of Genetics" and the conference organizers, is very pleased to offer a conference platform on modern science, research and engineering using the principles of heredity.

MENDEL conference is a platform for a theoretical and practical exchange of knowledge in fields covered by Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Programming, Swarm Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Big Data, Chaos, Bayesian Methods, Optimization, Intelligent Image Processing, and Bio-inspired Robotics.
MENDEL presents the latest high-quality results since 1995, and it is one of the oldest conferences in the field of Evolutionary Computation in the world.

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