Mendel Conference
25th International Conference on Soft Computing, July 10-12 Brno, Czech Republic
The Conference WOKRSHOP 2018 / in 2019: WBA

As in previous years, we plan to hold a half-day workshop in the middle of the main conference.
This workshop will provide an informal setting to socialize, exchange the magic ideas and develop visions. This workshop will be held in the nice recreational place of the Brno Reservoir “prigl”
on the board a steam boat.

Pernštejn Castle is exceptionally well-preserved medieval castle was the seat of the powerful lords of Pernštejn. The original simple layout of the castle has been lost in a maze of the renovated buildings. The Late Gothic and Early Renaissance form of the castle, however, has not been affected by furher rebuilding and is a unique example of the transformation of a medieval fortress into a luxurious Renaissance seat. In the palace part visitors can trace the history and development of the building from a simple castle through to a Late Gothic fort, Renaissance palace, and then Baroque, Rococo and Neo-Classical residence, up to the Romanticism of the 19th century.

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