Mendel Conference
24th International Conference on Soft Computing, June 26-28 Brno, Czech Republic

This year the conference is organised under the patronage of
the Mayor of the City of Brno, Ing. Petr Vokřál
and Brno University of Technology with support of
WU Vienna University, University of Vaasa
and the sponsors Humusoft (Matlab), B&R automation, and Autocont.

Contact address

  Mendel 2018 secretary
  Brno University of Technology
  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  Institute of Automation and Computer Science
  Technicka 2, 616 69 Brno
  Czech Republic

  phone: +420 54114 2298, 3334
  fax: +420 54114 2222

Executive Organizing Committee

Radek Matousek    BUT (Czech Rep.)    (Chair and Editor-in-Chief)
Ronald Hochreiter    TUV (Austria)    (Co-Chair)
Jouni Lampinen    UV (Finland)    (Co-Chair)
Lars Nolle    JH (Germany)    (Co-Chair)

Local Organizing Committee

Pavel Osmera       (Honorary Chair)
Jiri Dvorak       (Senior Organiser, Peer review Manager)
Ladislav Dobrovsky       (Senior Organiser, Technical review)
Petr Šoustek       (Technical review, Peer review Inspection)
Jakub Kudela       (Technical review, Peer review Inspection)
Jitka Pavlikova       (Accommodation Manager)
Daniel Zuth       (Senior Organiser)
Tomáš Marada       (Senior Organiser)
Roman Parak       (Junior Organizer)
Tomas Hulka       (Junior Organizer)
Pavel Heriban       (IT Support)
Ivan Zelinka       (IT4Innovations)

Brno University of Technology    
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